The Evolution : from Social Network to #UtilityNetwork.

January 31st, 2012
Hi, this is the first of a series of posts which tend to explore the awareness of Social Network’s users in regards to the actual usefulness of the various type now into existence. I do not intend to minimize or to shade the actual functionality of your favorite social networks which surely have a lot of practical utility for those using them. Same for myself when using Twitter. I love it and wouldn’t cope without it. It is now part of my everyday life and this surely cannot be changed. I believe the same holds true for any of you whatever your favorite social network is.
Few months ago, however, my mind was invaded by some strange and alien thoughts. Surely I was engaged into a sort of cosmic brain storming by some distant entity coming form another planet !! It started to question me about the actual usefulness of social networks which it calls them in a different way : Social Distraction Networks ( or was it destruction ?!? Can’t really recall to mind the exact word it’s used ). My first reaction to this was really unpolite: “what the hell are you talking about ?? Millions of people using social networks every day on this planet, you know that ??  We are all enthusiastic of them and enjoy using them. What’s the problem with you ?!? ” This, more or less was my reply. Then the challenge started.....


Comment on Aarron Walter Blog

Designing for Emotions is an excellent book from Arron Walter with a lot of insight that will drive into a new dimension of thoughts. His blog is amazing!! My comment on one of his posts here. Alas, still awaiting for moderation.......
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BASIC STAFF - PART FIVE ( Introduction )

There are many that think that a world without any sort of monetary system would be a much better world. This is the key concept of a Resource Based Economy. It is my opinion that the present monetary system is just a paradigm, a model. Therefore it is subjected to a shift. And a Global Virtual Currency ( not necessarily Bitcoin ) could be a good entry point for the shift to occur. But it needs to be available for everybody for a Resource Based Economy to take place !!

I am working on this. Stay tuned. More to come soon, now I am tired !!

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Isle of Ut√łya, Norway - 22nd July, 2011

Too many people have died. Too many dreams have been broken. Too many life, of those who have survived, most probably, scarred forever.

 WHO did this ? 

Apparently a young Norwegian man aged 31, managed to accomplish such a massacre. A man with a lucid mind, yet totally insane. He declared that a man with a believe is stronger that 100,000 people. 


I have decided to change my blog title from "New World Economy" into "Social Innovation" in the hope that I would be able to give my humble contribute to the global change expected and desired by many with my future posts.

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