Is it legal ?

These are two abstracts taken from two different articles posted on Twitter by :

@ViewsHound &  @bitcoinmedia

Thanks to both for shearing this.

"A politico named Charles Schumer wants to evaluate, regulate or shut down Bitcoin because “The only method of payment for illegal purchases is an untraceable peer-to-peer currency known as Bitcoins.” [Quoted]@ViewsHound

"Maybe you want to avoid bank interchange fees, or perhaps avoid tracking altogether because your payment is for something illegal, or because you're a particular private person. Or perhaps you just think that the world currency regime is going to collapse and you see Bitcoin as a technological salvation. " [Quoted]@bitcoinmedia (original article was different)

Now check this :

Is it legal to sell  key to activate Windows XP Professional Edition or for any other software ?

In addition those key codes can be found for free easily. Looks more like a scam to me.
I have nothing personal at all against bitcoinharbor, which I consider to be an excellent idea, but better check if the advertisers are actually doing this according to legislation or not. We do not want people to think like the two abstracts above. Do we ?

I might be wrong on my assumpion and, in case, I apologise with bitcoinharbor

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  1. I think you can do something of illegal with btc and also with norma currency.. do "somethign of illegal" is not a problem of btc, but is a problem of society.