Basic Staff - Part Two

In Part One, I have briefly described what is going on in the big box named www .

We have seen that there are three main actors playing different roles : the publishers, the users and the Advertisers. We have also established that the engine of the whole www are the users.

In this post, I would like to focus on the users and, specifically, on their potential to create a shift into the system.
First of all what do I mean by saying that users have the potential to create a shift in the system ? what kind of shift ?

Well, users of the www are mostly passive in the ecosystem (surely not all of them ). They find what they want and use it, of course, but in a passive way. Changing this into an active attitude would already created part of the shift since users would surf the web in a more efficient and focused way that will eventually persuade the publishers to create more and more focused content on their web pages.

But we need  a way to "persuade" users to move out of their routine without compromising too much their habits or else they would run away from the novelty addressing it as too demanding. After all we are all humans, aren't we ?

The best way to persuade people to do something is, in my opinion, by rewarding them. I have two sons and believe me it really works !!

If we find a system that rewards people according to the use they do of the web, could be possible that some of the users would start doing things in a different way. If the reward is attractive they would persuade friends to do the same and so on and so forth. In addition if the reward is something they can actually "built up" by themselves, they would feel it as it it is their own and would spread the whole thing more efficiently.

We will discuss on possible way to reward people in the near future, not now.

One thing important to notice : This blog is named New World Economy. What does all this has to do with economy ? Above I 've mentioned that only part of the shift can be obtained by rewarding people. The complete shift occurs only if the reward is somehow linked with Economy............Stay tuned.

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