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This is my first post and my first blog, so please be kind until I get used to it :))

Nearly one year ago, I have began to think on how all the web user's should have any sort of benefit from the use of the internet. I mean, any  "tangible benefit ", something into which users' could actually put their teeth on.

There are many huge corporations making billions of $ by selling Advertising on their platforms, which is nothing to complain about, but the real engine of the whole business are, of course, Users,  ALL OF US using the web every day.

In return we all get nice platforms or apps which we choose to use because they allow us to express our self or because they are of interest to us. So far so good !

Well, we all know that the web is a free place where anybody can present or perform whatsoever and even making a profit out of it. Basically the more users you get the most is the profit you make and your company is worth.

The whole ecosystem is sustainable until there are people ( users) willing to buy on line, register to a service, clikking on an ads banner etc....This means, as I have mentioned before, that the whole thing is powered by USERS alone. No USERS No Party !!

So, I thought, is there any possibility to let users gain something from all this ? Any way to clear off all the rubbish and get only those things we ( as individuals ) are really interested in ?
And, on the other hand, what are we really interested in when we are on line ?

The answers I have formulated for the above questions, eventually, drove me into a very interesting field, almost unexplored ( and there are many reasons for this ).

Challenging the actual system is not as difficult as it might sound since WE are the living souls of the whole system. We just need to wake up and realize that WE can control the whole system and make it work the way WE want it to work.

I will end this first post here and I will wait for any comment for a few days before posting again.

Signed : Michele1940

p.s. Comes to mind Nikola Tesla that was banned from the energy industry once he had found what he was looking for : a way to supply energy to everybody in the world for FREE !!

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