This is the first of a series of posts I intend to share in order to get you guys on board !

 The Basic Staff.

The WWW is something amazing. You can virtually reach anybody anywhere and share your thoughts or opinions with them.

We have now gone a long way away from it's original purpose. At the same time, farsighted people, have managed to crated a fortune out of the WWW. And still others will do the same.

All of as, so far , have been attracted by the web and its always growing content. We have learned to use the web in a way which is suitable for each of us adding and editing every now and than new features created by others. I would put this under High Entertainment Factor.

While we are being entertained and having fun, we barely manage to see what is actually going on. But those who create the entertainment do !!

It is like living in a dream where all we need and want, we can find and use mostly for free. This is really good. Not joking !!

If you would stop for a while having fun and start thinking, you could possibly see with your own eyes what is really going on : you are getting entertained by the www !!

Same thing happened with Television which is now suffering a huge shift of traffic in favor of the internet and its growing content.

Shift of traffic means users getting more attracted by the Interned than Television.

As you well know, all the publisher on the Internet need money to survive and to create new entertainment for you. These money comes of course from Advertising. Again these money coming from Ads, are attracted by the huge potential of the Internet in terms of addressing the right Ads to the right people. Targeting.

So the www is basically a box filled with innumerable objects that billions of people, like you and me, use everyday for various purposes. Being in a box we are trapped like a fish in a fish farm !!
But we don't realize this since we are left to choose the objects we like and use them as we please. We can actually swim from any side of our big box freely. This is absolutely true.

Hey, there are a lot of people fishing into this box !! Did you know ?!?

So, what do we need to do ?...............Stay tuned for part two coming soon!!

Signed : Michele1940

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  1. This is a very good direction .... let us know more soon!