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There is no freedom. We all are subject to the laws of nature and the common reality we share. Anyone who promises you freedom of some sort is just looking to control you for their own benefit.

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There it goes. You are a member of a cult/sect, you just demonstrated it with the "there's no freedom" sentence. BTW:

There's no scientific theory on whether you should use nuclear power plants or solar panels. You are comparing science with politics and morality and that's absurd. You might think that you haven't entered the realms of morality and politics but you HAVE. Maybe you will disagree on this subject, but then I must conclude that your reasoning is blocked by you sect/cult.

Science says something like: nuclear power plants harvest a lot of energy per mass of uranium, and create nuclear waste. Solar cells are created through a process that contaminates a lot of liters of water and releases a lot of CO2, and harvest energy from the sun with a 15-20% efficiency. Science, and the scientific method, does NOT tell you which option to choose. Science just shows you how nature works, and it's you that have to decide how to apply that knowledge to fullfill your dreams/objectives/morality.

Science doesn't tell you if you should gun somebody. Science just tells you that the bullet will hit that person at a certain velocity and it will probably provoke his death. Should you shoot that somebody? should you build that bridge? Should you use currencies or a resource based economy? Should you create prisons? Should you live in a planned economy society? Science won't decide any of that for you.  Science will (maybe) make some predictions on the result of your decision, but making the decision is absolutely out of the realms of science, and of the scientific method.


Well, from one extreme to the other.....what a fight !! Undecided

"There is no freedom"----------->"You are a member of a cult/set". I am not going to comment on this dispute.

"We all are subject to the laws of nature and the common reality we share"------------>"Science just shows you how nature works, and it's you that have to decide how to apply that knowledge to fulfill your dreams/objectives/morality" .This I like and I am going to comment.....

Of course we are all subject to Nature laws, everybody can agree on this. We, as individuals, are part of a whole and contribute, with our thoughts that generate emotions and feelings that transforms into actions, to a much greater plan of which we are not even able to perceive its existence.

The common reality we share, is thus created by the interactions of our thoughts and, our thoughts, are related to our own "little Worlds". Therefore we all have different thoughts that are linked to the reality we have lived in and continue to live right now. Of course not all the thoughts are different. This is easy to understand

To understand how nature works by means of scientific methods, is very important and meaningful. And It is true that this knowledge, if properly applied, would be useful to fulfill your ambitions.

But, what are these ambitions that we have ? Surely all of us have different goals and different levels of personal satisfaction, but if we scream off all the surface and go deep into the real meaning of our ambitions, we would see that we are all searching for the same thing :  Loved.

This might sound strange to most of you but try to suspend your judgment for a while in order to follow this little piece of knowledge that I am sharing with you.

In order to be Loved, we should first learn how to Love. This is a "spiritual law ". Actually the most important one. References can be found in the New testament when Jesus said to his disciples : " I give you a new commandment: love one another. As I have loved you, so you also should love one another". John 13:34. There are others of course.

The word Love, does not have to be misunderstood as a term that describes a "sentiment", this is not the case. By Love it is intended a total let go of our material interests in order to follow the Universal Evolutive Plan.

In order to do this, Freedom is essential. Cannot be otherwise. Saying that there is no freedom and that we are all subject to the law of nature, my dear Ligthrider, it is not possible since one thing exclude the other ! But I might have missed your point on this and if this is the case, I apologize.

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