Do you really think BTC is all about economy ?? MY COMMENT ON BITCOIN FORUM

1. There is nothing wrong with seeking profit.

Errr, there is.


It's part of human nature and people fighting with it are plain dumb.
Human nature?

I studied human behavioural biology, evolutional biology and neuroscience, and I could not find any scientific peer-review publication to support such a claim.

Can you enlighten me and redirect me to the relevant research that suggests such a thing?

Answer by Twitter @Michele1940:

"Human nature" is a phrase that is probably been misunderstood, in this contest at least. Studying Human nature by scientific means only , definitely shuts down the door to real knowledge. Science should be used to determine the anomalies of human behavior in order to bring them to the surface and therefore allowing us to :

1) be aware of them
2) overcome them

In addition, it is not correct to state that something that is part of human nature cannot be fought. In order to understand this, you should start noticing how your emotions differs from what you actually think to be correct. Emotions are actually driving our existence and we are totally unconscious of this process. This is way we are not satisfied with our own life.

You might be unlighted by the reading ( and understanding ) of this book, to begin with.


Signed : Twitter @Michele1940

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